Help! I want an Internship!

Hey everyone! My topic for the Storify pieces is going to be about internships. I am actually wanting to do an internship out in Chicago for a radio station so hopefully I can find some helpful information not only for myself but for others as well! One article I found to be of interest were about summer internships in Chicago. From what I read through you can apply for anything from new media to a law office! If you are wanting to expand your horizons to the east coast they also have a section with places you can look at in New York City! A person may want to know where they would like to intern at but not exactly how. So I did a search for how to get an internship and came across these tips. Granted, the page just offers some general information but I then proceeded to click on the “10 tips for making it happen” link and found it to be helpful and encouraging with the last tip stating to “Remember, It’s Never Too Late”! What I came across on were the “Internpro” conversations and found their own website. On their website they talk about not only how to get an internship but also how to build confidence when going in for interviews for starting your career! The same people actually run a twitter profile @YouTern. There, you can see all of the twitter chats that are posted on when you search “Internpro”. So far, I think I’m off to a good start on getting myself some tips for reaching my goal of interning in Chicago. If anyone else is looking to do an internship as well, I hope that you find some of this information to be helpful! Have a great day!


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I'm a student at IUSB.

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