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Some of you maybe wondering “Why should I even bother with an internship?” or “Are internships even that helpful? A lot of them are unpaid anyways.” According to an article in the Smith College’s Student Press, The Sophian, yes a person trying to acquire a degree should bother and they are helpful despite most of them being unpaid. Although there are others that think the experiences that students can grasp are just Worthless Internships. The focus of the article is mainly post graduation. Do students who can add the experience to their resume actually get the job? A good percentage of them did not, but we also have to take into consideration what field students are going into and if the job market is doing well in that field. Some of you maybe thinking, “Well, what about students only becoming an errand runner for their internships supervisor instead of actually learning something”? I came across an article in The Signal from Georgia State University, that gives some tips to help avoid that and/or get out of that situation. A tool that can be pretty useful in finding your own internships would be the Career Center at your university! I attend IUSB and they not only have a Career Services Office but they also have a job and internship fair! If you visit IUSB’s Career Services office website, there some assessments can be to found to help figure what career path may be the best option, if a person is undecided or unsure about their direction. Hope some of this is of help! Have a great day today and a better one tomorrow!


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I'm a student at IUSB.

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