Internships Give a Head Start

Jessica Lim from The Sophian, discusses why internships are a must for today’s students.

“Even so, many employers regard internships highly because they help hiring teams evaluate how an individual would fare in the actual workplace, as well as separate those who have experience from those who do not. Competition is steep in the global job market, so obtaining “real world” experience through an internship can allow a student to become a more qualified candidate. Moreover, internships can be beneficial in more than the academic sense—students can also build connections within a career field. Through interning, individuals can establish a professional network that is helpful in today’s job hunt. In addition, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2008 Experiential Education Survey, employers reported hiring 70 percent of their interns.

Although internships are not the only key to securing a career position, in today’s competitive job market, some argue that it is what you know and who you know that often makes the difference, and that internships often address both issues at the same time. As such, the importance of internships may demand considerable attention from the college student.”

I think Jessica has it right because when companies are looking for new employees, they’re going to go for the ones that already have the experience. Internships can also get you a good start on networking with companies and having connections when it comes time to send out your resume. A couple friends of mine would actually fall into that seventy percent of being hired into company that they interned for.

Just as Jessica says, an internship doesn’t mean that anything is going to be guaranteed to you after graduation. But it can give your resume a good boost compared to those that have no experience, and who knows? The company may have a position waiting for you after graduation. Why not take the time to give yourself a better chance at getting hired?


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