What makes good curating for the web? When we visit websites normally, audiences like to see something inviting and interesting. Good presentation and organization for business and ideas are a neccessity, in most cases. One website that most of us can make an excpetion for is I live in the South Bend area, so that is what I will be referring to. The setup is organized but not nessecarily attractive. Maybe if there were pictures of a few items it could be more eye-catching. But simultaneously, millions of people make postings on craigslist and the website’s intentions are to basically be an online classifieds section. So while craigslist may not look very interesting, those who are familiar with the website and its purposes know that it’s not there to dazzel its viewers. Maybe if craigslist invested in hiring people to be “Content Curators” things that are posted could be managed, if a time frame were given to those that made postings. For example, someone trying to sell a car could make a posting, but craigslist could have it set up so that there is a time frame, such as 3-6 months for the post to be in existence. If the item has not been sold, one can simply create the posting again! On, they discuss curating for a different industry. In the interview, around 3:20 there are some very good similarities between curating for the web and film that are discussed! Take the time to listen to the interview for the first five minutes at least! 🙂


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