Change Of Topic; Saving Money

For my last topic I looked into how internships can be very beneficial, how a person can get the most out of that experience and a few good ways to go about finding one. Now I will be looking into a topic about saving money. These days it seems as if a lot of people in our communities struggle to make ends meet due to money being tied up in expenses such as food, gas, rent, child care and other various bills. I actually work for a local bank and am going to combine my knowledge from there with what I find in my research. The bank I work for has a bunch of programs that one can get themselves set up with, one being “529 College Savings” plan. If someone has a child that they would like to set aside money for, for his/her college education that would be a good way to go about it. Some my have their objections involving expenses such as the ones that I mentioned earlier. But setting aside a few dollars a day, week, or even a month can get things going. Another thing that some do not give much thought to is retirement. No one is getting any younger and I think all of us would like to enjoy at least of few of our final years without having to work. I will be looking into not only things that we can cut back on, but also the best sources and plans that can get us the most for our money when we do save.


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I'm a student at IUSB.

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