A Start to Saving? Make Cuts of Your Own

Saving money by cutting back on a few expenses can be a good start on setting aside funds for future needs. Catie Marie Martin, a college student at Mississippi Statue University brings up nine good tips to save money in college. Tips such as carpooling or brewing your own coffee instead of running through Starbucks can add up in the long run. What about those of us who don’t have the option to walk, ride our bikes, or carpool to where ever we need to go? Nedra Rhone, who writes for the Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog, shares some tips that may help our vehicles be a little more fuel efficient. Not that these tips will take your car from getting twenty miles per gallon to thirty. But these days any little bit can help. What about costs of energy? Electric and gas bills tend to go up when winter comes around. The staff on infoZine.com bring ten tips that may be of help when that time of year comes around. From time to time, we all have to give our wardrobe an update, whether it’s due to the clothing wearing out or not wanting to look like we’re borrowing clothes from our parents. Josh Venecia on The Towerlight‘s webiste brings some ideas on places to check out and sales to go for when shopping for some new additions to our closets. Another idea that most of us may not think about is our cell phone bill. Do we really need unlimited talk and text? Maybe we just need unlimited on one thing or the other. If a person has such a plan, usually they are able to view how many minutes, texts and data they have actually used for the month. Re-evaluating our needs when it comes the the phones in our pockets could make a difference.  I personally know a few people that have changed their plans due to texting more than talking and they are now paying less than what they started out with. Unhookedcellular.com has a page where they have brought links to different cellular companies together so one can view different plans and phones that may fit their needs better.


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