How To Prepare For Retirement

In my previous post I discussed a few ways that one may be able to apply to their own lifestyle. Hopefully, those ideas and tips will lead a person to a result of keeping some of a well earned paycheck in their pocket. Retirement is something that most of us do not give much thought to. Instead of being reliant on social security when we’re older and/or unable to work, having substantial funds of our own would be a much better option. Especially when none of us know whether the system will be there for future generations! On the Osun Defender’s website, they share some do’s and don’ts when it comes to setting aside money for retirement. On, Melissa Phipps, a guide for the website shares six different types of retirement plans that one should know about. Most know about 401(k) plans, but there are others such as IRA accounts. If a person were to build up enough that they are considering investment, a few things such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds could be a good option. What about people in their 20’s or a little bit older? Have they have fallen behind in saving for retirement already? According to Walter Updegrave, who writes for CNN’s website, there’s no need to worry. If one is still unsure about where to start, check out these ten tips on the United States Department of Labor’s website.


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