Helpful FAQ Pages

With popular businesses and organizations, chances are they have a website. Some of them such as Etsy, Hulu, YouTube, and Delicious are mainly web-based with the activity from consumers. On these pages a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page is in order. Not everyone is completely web-savvy and may need some assistance.

Jake from says, “Support pages are a commonly accepted trait amongst webmasters. Once your website grows to support a large enough userbase you simply have to offer some type of knowledgebase.”

If a person is resorting to a FAQ page, they’re probably feeling frustrated enough. How these businesses and organizations decide to curate their FAQ pages hopefully doesn’t add to the noise when searching for answers. Etsy’s FAQ page did just that as I clicked on various questions. The categories are nicely organized, drop-down menus. But after clicking on one, several possible questions appear. Going back to the FAQ page my place was lost, and the result? More frustration. Some of the question’s were so simple they could have been mentioned in other answers. For example, under “Open a Shop” the question “Who can be a seller?” has a two-sentence answer; “Anyone can be a seller. You must be at least 18 years of age to sell on Etsy”. This could be placed under “How do I set up my shop?” because if you’re not of age (or planning to lie about it to start an account) then one should stop their quest. However, Etsy’s Help page seemed a lot better. There isn’t much, but it was better than viewing a ton of questions in drop-down menus. Other business’ also take on a category set-up for FAQ pages like Hulu and definitely execute it much better than Etsy. On Hulu, there’s no losing your place and any questions about the topic are right there. If by chance questions could not be answered a “Contact Us” link at the bottom is there for any user’s convenience. Some take a different approach having it conversational like Campfire while others may have a mixture. Both Delicious and YouTube are great examples of this. They were my favorites because it isn’t overwhelming with redundant questions and the answers are simple and effective. So next time you’re on a website and have a question or two, look for a “FAQ” or a “Help” page. If the answers you seek cannot be found there, “Contact Us”.


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